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Putting Kathryn Hahn to the Test

President Schill quizzes 2024 Commencement speaker with 28 rapid-fire questions.

People & Profiles

Following the Evidence

Lauren Chooljian’s podcast The 13th Step exposes wrongdoing in the recovery industry.

Lauren Chooljian wears headphones while sitting at a desk in a radio studio. There is a microphone at her right labeled “NHPR.”
Arts & Entertainment

Bryan West’s Dream Job

On the Taylor Swift beat, Medill grad covers the pop star’s every move.

Taylor Swift and Bryan West stand next to each other against a backdrop of golden curtains. Swift’s hand is resting on West’s shoulder. They are both smiling at the camera.

Baby’s First Tikka Masala

Erica Bethe Levin’s Globowl introduces babies to flavors from around the world.

A jar of Globowl baby food alongside a small spoon and assorted food items.
People & Profiles

Q&A with a Bake Squad Star

Maya-Camille Broussard talks inspiration, accessibility and her fave pie flavors.

Maya-Camille Broussard smiles at the camera while holding a strawberry basil key lime pie topped with fresh strawberries, on a serving tray. She wears a black and white polka-dotted dress and stands in front of a white and black polka-dotted wall.

Good Riddance

A family’s efforts to cut household waste became a multicity recycling operation.

Ridwell founders Ryan Metzger, Aliya Marder, Justin Gough and David Dawson stand outside holding a variety of recyclable items and a Ridwell recycling container.

Senior Sendoff

Traditions for the graduating class create a bridge to the alumni community.

A group of six Northwestern seniors smile at the camera. Each of them is curling one of their hands into a Wildcat “claw.” The student on the far left holds a purple pennant with the words “Go! Northwestern Go! Homecoming and Reunion 2023” on it, followed by the school’s academic N. Two other students on the far right hold a cut-out image of Willie the Wildcat, who is wearing a purple shirt with the academic N on it.