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  • “Very well written, Jenn! I feel similarly about Dr Fauci. ”
  • “Wonderful read. So well written! Thank you for sharing! ”

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Fauci Hero

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  • “Several ideas in Kihana Miraya Ross’s Faculty Opinion, Northwestern Magazine fall 2020, strike me as highly problematic. She charges that “students may learn that brutally enslaved Africans [enslaved …”
  • “Thank you for publishing kihana miraya ross's opinion piece on abolishing schools (and thank you to kihana for writing it!). I've witnessed firsthand that our education system does not work for Black students …”

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kihana ross article

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  • “I must be Shep's mistake.

    Or maybe he was on vacation the day my application was reviewed. Whatever, Northwestern admitted me. And it has been a privilege to know Shep and a singular pleasure to have …”
  • “As a former director of the St. Louis Alumni Admission Council and member at Sheil, I have had the privilege of working with Shep for a number of years. It was always a joy to spend time with him. It was …”

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shep shanley

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  • “This is an innovation that hopefully will curtail the "pending" extinction of rhinos, both black and white. Friday, May 1, is International Rhino Day, bringing awareness (hardly needed) to this immediate …”
  • “Congratulations on your latest issue of Northwestern. It’s chock full of interesting and well-written articles and miscellaneous information — the perfect companion during the pandemic lockdown!

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saif bhatti renoster collaboration