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  • “Jim, beautifully said. I was thinking about you today and wondering how you’d approach this inauguration. Now I know, and I totally agree with you. Dayenu! ”
  • “I think the 2021 inauguration was spectacular even with the constraints posed by the pandemic and the insurrection. The television coverage had to focus more on the people on the stand at the front of …”

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Jim 2

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  • “What a fascinating, well-written and deeply researched piece.

    Going into this article, I didn’t know anything about Dr. Rogers’ incredible career, and I feel that I learned so much.

    I’m heartened …”
  • “Super interesting and thoughtful article! This piece really helpfully explains the significance of these important devices and discoveries for those of us not in the sciences. Great read! ”

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john rogers opener

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  • “Awesome article about Kathryn Hahn! I knew Kathryn in high school and am not at all surprised at her successes. She was as amazing back then as she is today! ”
  • “What a delightful read! I felt as if I was back on campus myself through Kathryn's recollections of that time. Thank you! ”

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hahn playground opener

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  • “Timely, relevant, readable, legible layout, great visuals — the mag held my interest from cover to the other cover. As an immigrant, I was especially grabbed by the Adrienne Samuels Gibbs article on …”
  • “It's also about time high school and college English/American literature classes desegregated reading lists. I remember one of my African-American students saying that a benefit of the segregated school …”

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teaching black history opener