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  • “It's so great to learn about some of the dance groups at Northwestern! I'd love to know when and where I can see them perform, and if any of the groups ever host classes or workshops. It would be helpful …”
  • “Wow! K-DANCE group is also in Northwestern? I haven't met my undergraduates or juniors since graduating from the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, and I hope to have that opportunity soon!

    I have …”

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Dale Duro Hero

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  • “I saw your feature on today's news in Chicago, and I immediately thought — you should try Michael J. Fox (retired, but might be willing to endorse your invention) or Noah Wyle (played a doctor so well …”
  • “As a person with Parkinson's who can no longer write legibly, this could be the answer. Does it work, or has it been tested, if you are left handed? ”

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steadyscrib hero 2

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  • “I'm glad Mesmin Destin ignored the high school counselor! ”
  • “Mesmin Destin, thank you for the important work you’re doing. ”

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Mesmin Destin

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  • “What a remarkable story and human being. Thank you, Ms. Itani! I will definitely purchase your books to enjoy with my grandchildren and to support your important cause. Good luck! ”
  • “Who says one person can't make a difference! Our family has been quite taken with Rose and Monty. Thanks for this amazing effort and contribution! ”

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CU Tamima Itani