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My Northwestern Direction

On Board with STEM

Summer 2019

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  • “What tremendous vision displayed by Dr. Pinkard. I'm simply dazzled. I must confess, though, that I am also blown away by the achievements of the chatty little girl I saw next door in KCK.
    How wonderful …”
  • “Brilliant! Dr. Pinkard's creative energy is exactly what is needed to pave the way for youth who may not have ended up on that bus to explore their potential. She is a rock star in the field of STEM education. …”

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  • “This is a brilliant invention and thoughtful solution to our horrendously overflowing landfills. I’m a vegetarian always looking for good-looking, well-made shoes. Is there an email list I could get …”
  • “Well done, David! I am focused on sustainability and zero waste education within my community, and this is a great alternative to current products. ”

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innovation scoots numbered

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  • “ …”
  • “I remembered I first shook hands with Claudia López in a restaurant in Bogota in 2014, congratulating for becoming a senator. I admired her for her attitude and her important role that would play in the Colombian congress. I said to her back then: “Thank you.”

    I met her fiancé Angélica Lozano for the anti-corruption citizen demand. I gave her my signature collection support and I said, “Thank you, too.”

    Now, that I see this breakthrough, and I say “thank you” again because we deposit our trust in people, but we're also aware of the responsibility that it entails.

    Claudia López has an inspiring story, not only from her academic and research background but also for her fearless endeavor in the political realm.

    Thanks for taking the risk and leading the generation behind you!

    It's not every day someone makes a mark on history. Keep on doing it well. ”

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claudia lopez mayor-elect bogota, colombia
My Northwestern Direction

Medill Professor Was My Guiding Light

Fall 2018

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  • “As a close friend of Cecilia's — Professor Vaisman, to her students — I knew full well how very much the cancer had taken over nearly every facet of her existence. There was a line, though, that she …”
  • “So sorry for your loss. You're part of her legacy though, which is brilliant. — @NyawiraNjoroge ‏ ”

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my northwestern direction antonia cereijido