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  • “His actions and leadership began an era of student activism that lasted through the end of the Vietnam war and reverberates today wherever people still follow his example. ”
  • “Dr. Turner was an activist and a scholar whose legacy of bravery while a student leader at Northwestern paved the way for untold numbers of Black students to attend Northwestern. The multiplicative effect …”

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  • “In one issue they had "Letters to the Editor," which included their responses. Here's a paraphrase of one I remember:

    Dear Rubber Teeth:
    Our son checked into Foster-Walker last fall, and we haven't …”
  • “What a pleasure to see this article (just wish it were longer!). I was involved for several years with the weekly Rubber Teeth Radio show on WNUR, which was definitely a highlight of my time at NU. I also …”

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Rubber Teeth Hero Image

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  • “In 1975, to comply with Title IX, the men's basketball locker room at McGaw Hall (now Welsh-Ryan Arena) was split in half so the women's team could be closer to the floor. The funny thing was that the …”
  • “I recall Anucha Browne coming into Patton gym to play ball. Not everyone on the court would know who she was, and some guys clearly doubted she could play with them. Then, of course, she would completely …”

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Chinazo Cunningham HERO

The Morty Years

Spring 2022

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  • “Morty was always approachable. Whether it was when he came to a Hillel luncheon to discuss his book The Fabulous Future?, chatting with me when my kids graduated or answering a nonspecialist's economics …”
  • “Morty has been and is amazingly great. Surely there is an ongoing role for him at Northwestern. When you find someone so special, never ever let them go! ”

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morty opener