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Senior Sendoff

Spring 2024
Traditions for the graduating class create a bridge to the alumni community.

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A group of six Northwestern seniors smile at the camera. Each of them is curling one of their hands into a Wildcat “claw.” The student on the far left holds a purple pennant with the words “Go! Northwestern Go! Homecoming and Reunion 2023” on it, followed by the school’s academic N. Two other students on the far right hold a cut-out image of Willie the Wildcat, who is wearing a purple shirt with the academic N on it.
Since 2019 Marc McClellan ’81, a resident of Palm Springs, Calif., has served as president of the NU Club of Coachella Valley, a small but active group that has hosted game watch parties and cultural events, receptions for the Northwestern softball team and alumni filmmakers, and joint gatherings with other Northwestern groups to expand the club’s reach and unite Wildcats in the area.

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Marc McClellan stands near a body of water in California. He wears a purple polo shirt with Northwestern’s athletic logo on his upper left chest. He also wears a purple baseball cap displaying Northwestern’s athletic N. The opposite side of the water is lined with palm trees and lush greenery, which are reflected in the water’s surface. To McClellan’s left, part of a pedestrian bridge is visible.
What do a biography of Martin Luther King Jr., an award-winning poetry collection and a bestselling mystery about the dark side of love have in common? They were all written by Northwestern alumni.

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A man wearing glasses and a suit smiles while signing a book.
It appeared the NU Club of Switzerland might disintegrate amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but Barbara Pereira Rübel ’93 MBA refused to allow it. As President of the club, Rübel has worked tirelessly alongside a dedicated board to bolster membership, plan events and form partnerships with other organizations.

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Headshot of Barbara Rubel
Annie Krall became co-president of the Northwestern Club of Chicago in 2021. A third-generation Wildcat, Krall shares what she loves about her Northwestern bonds.

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AL Annie Krall
As members of the Northwestern University Black Alumni Association (NUBAA) mingled at the Black House during Homecoming and Reunion Weekend in 2022, Charla Wilson hoped the alumni would find some familiar faces in her photo display of Black student life at the University. Wilson, who is Northwestern’s archivist for the Black experience, had recently launched a crowdsourcing campaign called “I know them!” to learn more about 1,400 images from the past six that depict Black student life on campus.

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NAA Feature Archives
In September 2022 Albert Manzone ’93 MBA was elected to a two-year term as president of the Northwestern Alumni Association (NAA). He takes the helm at a pivotal moment for the NAA, which is implementing a years-in-the-making strategic vision to cultivate a more engaged and inclusive global alumni community.

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AL Albert Manzone
Northwestern Intersections is an award-winning podcast from the Northwestern Alumni Association featuring alumni who share the key experiences that have propelled them in their life’s work. The podcast, which has highlighted more than 120 alumni of all ages, degrees and backgrounds so far, is releasing new episodes this fall.

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NAA Podcast
In the tough-to-crack world of Hollywood, screenwriter Joe Hauler fosters creativity, connections and community with Northwestern University Entertainment Alliance-West, the Los Angeles–based club for alumni in the entertainment industry. He helps guide the club by blending educational programs with networking events and performance opportunities, such as the popular Storytellers live event series, which has empowered more than 60 alumni to craft and present over 150 stories on stage.

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Joe Hauler

Shop Purple

Spring 2022
Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many small businesses, including those owned by Northwestern alumni, have faced challenging circumstances and uncertain futures. In June 2020 the Northwestern Alumni Association (NAA) launched the Northwestern Alumni-Owned Small Business Directory to help connect and support fellow Wildcats.

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