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Class Codes

Here are the designations we use throughout Northwestern magazine to identify alumni.

For undergraduate alumni, we use only the class year regardless of school or degree:
Joe Wildcat ’91

For graduate degree holders, we use the class year and degree:
Jane Wildcat ’91 MS

Double- or dual-degree holders:
Joe Wildcat ’91, ’99 PhD
Jane Wildcat ’02 MA, ’05 JD
Jane Wildcat ’12 JD, MBA

Here's the complete list of advanced degrees granted by Northwestern:

AuD Doctor of Audiology
DDS Doctor of Dental Surgery
DMA Doctor of Music
DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy
EdD Doctor of Education
GME Graduate Medical Education (Medical Residency or Fellowship)
H Honorary
JD Juris Doctor
LLM Master of Laws
MA Master of Arts
MA/MS Master of Arts/Master of Science
MBA Master of Business Administration
MD Doctor of Medicine
MEM Master of Engineering Management
MEM MBA Master of Management in Manufacturing
MFA Master of Fine Arts
MMus Master of Music
MMGT Master of Management
MMS Master of Medical Science
MPD Master of Product Development
MPH Master of Public Health
MPM Master of Project Management
MPT Master of Physical Therapy
MS Master of Science
PHD Doctor of Philosophy
SJD Doctor of Juridical Science
CERT Certificate