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Fall 2020

Mural Maker

Ryan Tova Katz painted a mural in Evanston to honor Northwestern's Class of 2020 grads.

Artist Ryan Tova Katz painted a mural at 829 Foster St. in Evanston in honor of the 2020 Northwestern graduates. The project took three days and spans the entire side of a building.

Scroll through the slideshow below to see some behind-the-scenes photos of the mural in the making — and the final product.

Mural 1 v2
Katz began the mural at the very top of the building, painting her way down.
Mural 2 v2
Katz worked high above the street — and the Chicago Transit Authority L tracks — for many hours each day.
Katz’s neighbor, who is also the inspiration for the girl in the window, helped with the project.
Mural 4
The four-story mural features a girl dropping 15 purple hearts out of her top-story window.

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Reader Responses

  • Beautiful mural. Innovative.

    William Carroll Green Cove Springs, Fla.

  • That is incredibly beautiful! You are so talented and creative!

    Mike Schrock ’92 MBA, Orono, Minn., via Northwestern Magazine

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