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Studying Sustainability Around the World

From Antarctica to Israel, Northwestern students and professors explore environmental issues.

Map Antarctica
Krissa Skogen in Antarctica

Spring 2020

The Bottom of the World, Antarctica: Krissa Skogen, an adjunct professor in the Program in Plant Biology and Conservation, traveled to Antarctica in November and December with Homeward Bound. The trip was the culmination of a yearlong global leadership development program for women in science, technology, engineering, math and medicine who are interested in sustainability and conservation. Skogen saw firsthand the effects of climate change in West Antarctica.

colin phillips in colombia

Colin Phillips, center, with colleagues in Colombia. Photo by Andrea Nardini.

Harnessing the Power of Rivers, Colombia: Colin Phillips, center, a postdoctoral researcher in civil and environmental engineering, worked with the Nature Conservancy in the Magdalena River Basin in Colombia to develop water management tools that could be used to preserve river networks around the world. The NatureNet Fellowship recipient is also building valuation models that could help land managers decide how to fund river management.

Water Management in the Desert, Israel: Deo Mukuralinda visited Israel in September as part of Northwestern’s Global Engineering Trek program. The trip — to a region central to innovation in water management — emphasized the importance of politics, geography and culture in an interdisciplinary understanding of water. Mukuralinda, a sophomore industrial engineering major, says the experience will shape how he thinks about and serves communities in need of improved water management.

dawna tenasserim landscape

© Hkun Lat/WWF-Myanmar

Saving Tropical Forests, Thailand: Giuseppe Buscarnera, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, worked with the World Wildlife Fund to balance development plans with conservation efforts in Southeast Asia. He has used geoenvironmental landscape analysis to determine how a major highway that connects cities in Myanmar and Thailand can be built while preserving the Dawna Tenasserim Landscape.

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