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My Favorites: Michael Moreci

Comic book writer Michael Moreci shares a few of his favorite comic series to add to your reading list.

my favorites michael moreci
Comic book writer Michael Moreci

Winter 2021

Michael Moreci has published a variety of work in the world of comics. He has written two novels, Black Star Renegades and its sequel, We Are Mayhem. He’s also written for Lucasfilm and recently finished work on The Clone Wars: Battle Tales, a five-issue miniseries that ties into The Clone Wars TV show. Moreci also has written for DC Comics and his own original series, which include Wasted Space, The Plot and Roche Limit. Moreci recently sold his first movie, which he describes as a haunted-house story.

Moreci shared a few of his favorite comic series to add to your reading list:

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.

“This series has such a cool and weird mythology. It’s full of surprise and has really amazing characters and a storyline that goes on for so long and continuously has this great payoff. And Hellboy is such an iconic character.”


“This is about a preacher who hears the voice of God. He gets certain powers and goes on a cross-country trek trying to find God. He meets memorable, colorful allies along the way. It’s very profane but also very sweet and has such great moments of tenderness and wonderful characters.” 

Fear Agent

“Fear Agent is a sci-fi romp. It’s about this guy who is the last ‘fear agent,’ people who fought back against an alien invasion on Earth, which we humans lost. He’s out in the solar system, and he’s recovering from a tremendous loss that happened during the war. It’s emotionally gripping. It’s a type of storytelling you only get in this comic medium.

“I love comics that embrace the medium to its fullest extent. Comics have such a rich history of unhinged narratives that are willing to go to the weirdest, strangest places and do it with such visual vibrancy.”

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