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Rethinking Dinner Theater

Adam Kantor’s StoryCourse creates multisensory culinary experiences.

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Fall 2020

Broadway actor Adam Kantor ’08 celebrates with a team of actors at PrideTable, an interactive culinary experience in summer 2019 that commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Hosted by Kantor’s StoryCourse, PrideTable featured dishes from five LGBTQ+ chefs. Live performances highlighted each chef’s life experience. StoryCourse, co-founded by Dinner Lab creator Brian Bordainick and award-winning songwriter Benj Pasek, mixes food and theater, creating “a multisensory, delicious, profound, moving experience,” says Kantor. In response to the coronavirus, StoryCourse raised more than $3 million for the CDC Foundation via Saturday Night Seder, a musical celebration of Passover that is being considered for several Emmys. Kantor and his StoryCourse team are now developing at-home interactive theatrical culinary experiences.

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