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What Inspires Me: Professor, Pastor Lives Authentic Life

Kellogg School of Management professor and Apostolic Church of God pastor Nicholas Pearce finds common ground — and inspiration — in the pulpit, the classroom and the boardroom.

nicholas pearce

Fall 2019
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Nicholas Pearce ’10 MS, ’12 PhD, clinical associate professor of management and organizations

“I’m no less a pastor in the classroom, and I’m no less a professor in the pulpit. I really try to bring my whole self wherever I am.

“I draw my inspiration from my faith. I really believe that I am doing this work because it’s a calling from God. But on a more humanistic level, what also inspires me is seeing people grow and flourish. That is really the unifying thread. In the classroom, seeing the lightbulb come on in a student’s eyes is a priceless moment. In the pastoral context, seeing parishioners grow in their understanding and seeing them prosper and thrive — it’s just an amazing privilege to know that you might’ve played some small part in encouraging them along the way.

“There’s another piece of it too, and that is family. I married my high school sweetheart, and we have a toddler at home, and all of the things that I do outside the house are not as significant as who I am in the house.”

Nicholas Pearce teaches three popular courses at the Kellogg School of Management — Leadership in Organizations, Negotiations Fundamentals and Beyond Diversity. He’s also an assistant pastor at the Apostolic Church of God, a megachurch on Chicago’s South Side. Pearce, founder and CEO of the Vocati Group, an executive consultancy, is the author of The Purpose Path: A Guide to Pursuing Your Authentic Life’s Work (2019). 

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Reader Responses

  • There is peace in being one’s authentic self in every aspect of your life. That is when you are truly adding value in whatever situation. I hope Pastor Pearce is added to the NU webcast offerings in the near future. Would love to hear more.

    Kyra Lewis Leverett ’85 Atlanta, Ga.

  • I love when Dr. Pearce preaches because you can tell that he studies the Bible, and his presentation clearly reveals what the pages are saying. In other words, he really breaks it down. I look forward to hearing him.

    Karen Barnes Chicago, via Northwestern Magazine

  • Along with Bishop Brazier and Dr. Byron T. Brazier, Dr. Nicholas Pearce is one of the most important men in my life. I don’t know where I would be in my life without these three great men of God.

    Kevin Taylor Chicago, via Northwestern Magazine

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