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"We Will" Update

After surpassing its initial Campaign goal, Northwestern is expanding its target.

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fundraising event at museum of modern art

Dedicated Donors

Fall 2018

Bon and Holly French hope to inspire additional giving through their support.

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holly and bon french

New facilities are transforming life for student-athletes.

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ryan fieldhouse celebration

Alumni entrepreneurs are paying it forward by signing the new Founders’ Pledge.

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adam hughes mentors students at the garage

The Stars Will Shine

Spring 2018

CommFest will bring celebrity alumni together to celebrate the School of Communication.

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gala rendering

The School of Communication is poised to launch a new performing and media arts center.

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performing arts

Support for the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute creates opportunities for innovators.

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lambert fellows

Gifts to the Northwestern Academy for Chicago Public Schools provide students the tools they need to excel beyond high school.

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blitz couple