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Yes, Play With Your Food!

Harley Langberg ’10 recreates beloved characters on your plate.

Harley Art
Image: Harley Langberg ’10

By Paulina Freedman
Spring 2023

Harley Langberg ’10 turns the “edible into the unforgettable” with his dynamic food art.   

Using everyday grocery items, he creates likenesses of celebrities, animals and film characters, including Winifred (above) from Disney’s Hocus Pocus, made from dyed spaghetti, spiral sweet potatoes, zucchini, dyed mashed potatoes, pear, eggplant, turnip, mustard greens, squash and mashed purple sweet potatoes. Even famous artworks, such as Edvard Munch’s The Scream and van Gogh’s The Starry Night, make their way onto his canvasses (er, plates).   

Langberg's 2-year-old daughter, Blake.

Langberg, whose Instagram boasts nearly 40,000 followers, has worked with Food Network, Chili’s, MTV, Bed Bath & Beyond and Billboard, among others, to create food art content for their social media accounts and marketing campaigns. He often brings a reference photo with him to the supermarket to help him choose just the right ingredients for each piece. Once a piece is photographed, the ingredients are either eaten or reused.  

Langberg’s biggest fan is his 2-year-old daughter, Blake, whose favorite TV characters often appear in his art. “I love when she tries to guess the ingredients,” he says. “It’s very cute to hear her say, ‘Wow, Dada!’ after seeing my creation.”   

Langberg is a managing partner at his family’s 106-year-old finance company, Silverfox. He lives with his husband, Zach, and daughter in New York City. 

See a special Wildcat creation, à la Langberg. 

food slider 1
Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family
food slider 2
Mirabel Madrigal from the Disney feature film Encanto
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