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As part of the New York Times’ Visual Investigations team, Evan Hill ’07 and his peers are pioneering a new form of reporting called open-source journalism. Using the incalculable amounts of data that turn up online every day, the journalists blend together disparate elements to tell a broader story.

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From mask-making to protecting children, Northwestern students and alumni around the world worked in support of causes like education, violence prevention and safety during COVID-19.

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New York Times Beirut bureau chief Ben Hubbard conducted hundreds of interviews over seven years for MBS: The Rise to Power of Mohammed bin Salman. The book tracks the trajectory of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, a largely mysterious figure who has rapidly asserted his control over the kingdom’s oil, finances, military, and domestic and foreign policy.

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Molly Beucher ’08 and her friend Georgia Maguire trekked 500 miles across Morocco on miniature motorbikes. Partnering with Education for All Morocco, an organization focused on educating young girls in remote areas, Beucher and Maguire's seven-day adventure took them through desert, mountains and gorges of the North African country.

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Lithium is the lightest metal on the periodic table and can charge quickly into a variety of electrode materials, making it uniquely valuable for batteries. Lilac Solutions aims to deliver a sustainable solution to the global lithium-supply problem.

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Jenny Shi’s award-winning, feature-length documentary follows the disappearance of Yingying Zhang and her family’s search for justice. Shi spent two years working on the film, Finding Yingying, which won the South by Southwest Film Festival 2020 Documentary Feature Special Jury Prize for Breakthrough Voice.

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Geneve Ong ’14 is part of the fight to address COVID-19 in Singapore. As the senior assistant director of strategic planning for the government in Singapore, she helps find relocation options for people who are unable to shelter in place safely.

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Former Wildcat hurler Eric Jokisch finds fulfillment with the Korean Baseball Organization’s Kiwoom Heroes. In May, Jokisch returned to the mound at a time when many leagues worldwide could not conceive of resuming play because of the coronavirus — and he walked into an international spotlight.

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Food truck operator Nizar Ku and friends created a “fund-a-meal” program to provide fresh, hot meals to those in need. They started delivering food to front-line medical workers but quickly shifted to feeding daily wage earners most affected by the lockdown, including Rohingya refugees, who often have no official status and find it hard to ask authorities for help.

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Hearing Aides

Spring 2020
Last August, Northwestern audiology graduate students made the trek to Nuevo Progreso in western Guatemala to provide comprehensive care for the local residents. Over the course of four more-than-12-hour days, eight students worked alongside four professional audiologists to perform diagnostic testing and hearing-aid fittings.

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