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Mark Goldman, a corporate communications executive and recreational triathlete, is completing an Ironman or half-Ironman for each of the service members who were killed in Kabul, Afghanistan, in September 2021. Goldman has completed six of the 13 races for the fallen heroes, dating back to April 2022.

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After years of study and training — including four years in Northwestern’s celebrated theater program — Mark Hoebee finally danced on the Great White Way, appearing in a production of Jerome Robbins’ Broadway. After “about 10 Broadway shows and national tours, he enjoyed a successful career as a choreographer and director of musicals before joining the Tony Award–winning Paper Mill Playhouse, where he is producing artistic director.

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Bronx Tale
Bicycle sales in the U.S. skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic as consumers avoided public transit and indoor gyms. Cycling, however, can be risky in urban settings.

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CU Christina Whitehouse
Pulitzer Prize–finalist playwright discusses his Evanston-inspired off-Broadway play and what it’s like to write for the hit HBO show ‘Succession.’

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Will Arbery 5Qs
During a freezing winter quarter in 1988, most of Jarrett Kerbel’s Northwestern peers likely dreamed of spending spring break on sunny beaches. But Kerbel made plans to visit Holy Cross Monastery, an Anglican Benedictine community in West Park, N.Y., and he has devoted his life to the Christian faith ever since.

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CU Jarrett Kerbel
On her final day at WBZ-TV in Boston in July 1965, reporter Joanne Desmond ’58 heard that the old news reels were going to be destroyed, so she asked her news director if she could take a roll of film from her reporting on the Boston Strangler. Her news director obliged, and that film clip was restored and featured in Hulu’s 2023 film Boston Strangler, which stars Keira Knightley as Desmond’s real-life news counterpart Loretta McLaughlin.

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Desmond in Studio
Growing up in the Bay Area, Nicholas Koo ’18 MMus, ’22 DMA sang in choirs and played guitar, clarinet, saxophone and piano, but he studied molecular cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley, with the goal of becoming a doctor. But after seeing the university’s orchestra perform during his senior year, he decided to reignite a lifelong passion and enrolled for a fifth year to pursue what he’d wanted to do all along.

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Nicolas Koo and Muti
Released this spring, Jonathan Eig’s King: A Life provides the most complete account to date of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life, his relationships, his brilliantly strategic mind and his flaws. Eig’s biography draws on hundreds of interviews with King’s family, close friends and others who knew him; thousands of FBI documents that have been declassified in recent years — White House phone recordings, personal letters, unaired TV footage; and other previously unpublished materials.

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The Plug Drink

Spring 2023
After a decade researching the role of liver health, Justin Kim ’15 and his brother, Ray, launched The Plug Drink, an herbal beverage backed by athletes and celebrities.

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Justin Kim and Brother
Using fresh produce and pantry staples, Harley Langberg ’10 recreates beloved Disney characters and more.

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Harley Art