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Invention: It's in the Bag

Fall 2018
Three Kellogg grads teamed up to launch Cariset, a startup that makes a high-fashion, high-function leather backpack for women.

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Cariset lake view
My Northwestern Direction

All Roads Point to Northwestern

Spring 2018
My academic career trajectory has been like Sheridan Road: lots of twists and turns but eventually ending up in Evanston. I did my undergraduate degree at Loyola, on Sheridan Road in Rogers Park.

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bill savage vert
It’s August 1967. My father is home from a yearlong tour of duty in Vietnam.

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Eva Jefferson new

All that Jazz

Spring 2018
Louis Danowsky and Sam Wolsk first met in high school in the New Jersey All-State Jazz Ensemble, but their musical partnership took root at Northwestern. That partnership led to their debut album, Coalescence, and a performance at a high-profile New York club. Danowsky, a saxophonist, and Wolsk, a trumpeter, formed D.W.

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CommFest 2018 will bring celebrity alumni together with faculty and students to celebrate and support the School of Communication.

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My Northwestern Direction

Finding Harmony in Different Voices

Fall 2016
When I reflected on my time at Northwestern, I realized that the undergraduate experience was built on crossing paths. This was a common theme among my fellow students — creative and analytical thinkers who had diverse interests.

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mnd nikita ramanujam
As Arnold Weber prepares to leave the University in August, he is remembered for enhancing Northwestern’s reputation as one of the country’s great teaching and research institutions.

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Coming Together

Spring 2018
In the early morning of May 3, 1968, approximately 100 African American students entered Northwestern’s business office, chained the doors and posted a sign on the revolving door: “Closed for business ’til racism at NU is ended.” Prepared to occupy the building at 619 Clark St. until the University met their demands, the students wanted an African American studies course, a black student union and other measures meant “to counteract the physical, emotional and spiritual strains we have been subjugated to,” as they had written in a petition to University administrators nearly two weeks earlier. Against the backdrop of the civil rights movement, student activism was spreading on college campuses across the country.

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My Northwestern Direction

Partnerships Make Transformation Possible

Winter 2016
Northwestern is an environment in which the power of open-minded partnership and links between fields are promoted at all levels of the University. On a personal level, it means that I have been encouraged to follow my own vision and seek out opportunities for intersection and impact in those areas that are well outside of core computer science.

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mnd kris hammond
These rock and jazz acts played Northwestern in the 1980s.

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