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When food editor Sierra Tishgart couldn’t find affordable, easy-to-use cookware for her own kitchen, she created Great Jones, a line of pots and pans.

sierra tishgart great jones cookware
Great Jones co-founders Sierra Tishgart, left, and Maddy MoelisImage: TORY WILLIAMS

Summer 2019

As a James Beard Award–winning journalist for New York Magazine, Sierra Tishgart ’12 ate at some of New York City’s finest restaurants. But she wanted to cook better meals at home and realized she needed different pots and pans. Frustrated by the potential expense and unsure about what cookware she needed and why, Tishgart set out to create her own line of kitchenware to make cooking more accessible for young adults.

With the help of her childhood friend Maddy Moelis, Tishgart created Great Jones, a name inspired by the cookbook author and editor Judith Jones. Tishgart and Moelis surveyed chefs to inform the design of the custom-built cookware, with handles created to be comfortable and ergonomic.

Tishgart, who was named with Moelis to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” in the 2019 food and drink category, hopes to bring joy — and color — to the cooking process through Great Jones’ sleek and minimalist products. The Dutchess, an enameled cast-iron Dutch oven, comes in five food-themed colors, from broccoli green to mustard yellow and a limited edition macaron pink.

“We think the products really marry substance with style,” says Tishgart, who works on product design, branding and marketing. “They are durable and high-functioning — and look beautiful sitting on your stovetop.”

By selling only online, Great Jones is able to offer its products at a lower price than its competitors. A five-piece Great Jones set is $395.

The company’s website also features recipes that best suit the functions of each piece of cookware, blog posts written by chefs, and recycling locations for old pots and pans.

As part of a generation that is getting married later, Tishgart says many young adults still depend on wedding registries to get their kitchenware. Great Jones, Tishgart says, helps young adults get cooking sooner. “We see so many people who are happy that they can upgrade and get something high-quality sooner than they expected,” she says.

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